Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Thing About Etsy

My BFF showed it to me a few years ago. I was skeptical (as I am about most such thing).

Now I love it. Or at least a few people on it.

The thing about Etsy, which enables craftspeople to peddle their wares to those who truly appreciate them, is that there is always something there worth buying. If you are in a depression and need some retail therapy to cheer yourself up but have extremely limited funds, you're guaranteed to find something on Etsy. Like handmade buttons for $3.00. Or some wonderful artisan small batch candy samples.

I've gotten hand-dyed yarn, patterns, stitch markers, accessories for my car, and a tabletop swift from Etsy. I've sent presents to friends, and gotten a few mood lifters for myself. I've supplied needs, and assuaged wants. And out there, somewhere, is an artisan whom I hope knows how much I appreciated them.

No yarn links, you notice? That's because I've bought yarn from too many people to count, and have more favorites than I should. I've gotten a couple of custom batches, and had wonderful service from everyone I've dealt with.

Internet? I'd like to introduce you to the Village Market Square.